Ear Ache

Strong ear ache: It occurs in the external and middle ear infections, it is useful to take a strong analgesic, to drop olive oil that might be in the house or a few drops of glycerin into the ear canal. We suggest to put a warm towel to the ear until arrived at a physician. We suggest you not to use any other drop or antibiotic that is not known by you until the physician fixed what the ache’s resource was. Sometimes the problems of tooth and chin joints also reflect to the ear as aches, your physician shall also search them in examination.

Bleeding from ear: Bleeding from ear might be seen in the infections of middle and external ear. In the middle ear’s infections seen mostly, the tympanic membrane is perforated and the inflamed fluid flows in the way mixed with blood, this case particularly makes the families of the children -who experience the middle ear infection- panic; the blood is mixed with fluid and not have the pure blood form. If there is any ear trauma, we suggest you to admit an ear, nose and throat expert as soon as possible, it is right not to abscond water into the ear as a measurement in the meantime.

My persistent symptoms 31 May, 2013 - 12:14

I am writing to you from St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada). I have a sinus problem started in Nov 2008 upon working for more than a month in a gas plant. I did not have sinus problems prior to this date.

At that time, I may have been exposed to airborne asbestos and other irritants. In the place where I lived at that time, the Winter is so harsh. Temperature during Winter is normally at least 25 Cecilius below zero.

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