Thyroid Gland

It is a secretory gland secreting hormones to regulate metabolism of the body. Thyroid hormones pass to the blood from this gland. It is located in front of the neck on larynx. It is a lobulated gland attached to each other from a belly. Normal thyroid gland is difficult to be seen and difficult to be palpated. 

When is thyroid gland abnormal?
Thyroid gland diseases are very common. Most common ones are high or low secretions of hormones. It can grow because of excessive work to produce hormones. Grown thyroid gland is called “goitre”. Small massess can occur in patients. They can be benign or malignant. They should be consultated by physicians. 

In our country we especially see it in blacksea region. This is a familial problem. 

How does your doctor put diagnosis?
A detailed history is taken for the lump in the thyroid. Head and neck region is examined. 

Other tests:
*Fine needle aspiration
*Thyroid ultrasonography
*Thyroid sintigraphy
*Computerizied tomography
*Chest x-ray
*Hormone analysis in blood. 

Fine needle aspiration is an easy, safe and effective diagnostic tool. 

Treatment of your thyroid nodule(s):
Most of the nodules are benign. Mostly drug suppression method is used. The aim of the therapy is to see whether your nodule(s) will be getting smaller. Mostly we get results in 3-6 months. If nodule grows instead of medical therapy then surgery is adviced. 

What is thyroid operation?
It is taking out all or some part of thyroid tissue. Pathologic examination can be done during the surgery by frozen method. Operator can decide what to do according to the result. Options are told to patient before the operation. After the operation there will be a drain outside the incision to collect the blood and secretions for a few days. Patient is discharged in a couple of days mostly. 

Complications are rare after thyroid operations. Bleeding, voice hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing, neck skin insensitization, low calcium levels etc. Many of the dyscomforts disappear in a couple of weeks. Complications may be more if all the gland is taken out. 

Patients may need oral thyroid hormone replacements after surgery. If calcium is low it is also replaced.

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