Vocal cord weakness and paralysis

Weaknes or paralysis of one or two of the vocal cords. 

Problems that they caues:
*Vocal hoarseness
*Vocal tiredness
*Pain or pressure in mouth while speaking
*Escape of foods and liquids into the respiratory system and cough.
*Shortness of breath while talking
*Breathing problems and hunger for air. 

Reasons for vocal cord weakness:
-Viral infections
-Vocal cord damage. Can be by trauma, or after surgery (neck and thyroid)
-Larynx muscle and nerve problems
-Pressure on the laryngeal nerve because of tumor
-Tube used in general anesthesia can produce problem in nerve innervating vocal cords
-Laryngopharyngeal reflux
-Unknown reason 

Different treatment options can be chosed according to the severity of the problem and condition of the patient. Treatment options are: Watching, injection or thyroplasty.
Different materals are injected to the vocal cords. These are fat, collagen, fascia (Cymetra). Collagen and fascia are temporary but fat is a permanent material. These are relatively easy methods and can be chosen in mild and moderate cases. 

Vocal cord strength if not recover after 6-9 months then it is accepted as permanent. At that time thyroplasty can be performed. A little incision is made on the neck and a silicon block is inserted into the vocal cord. Postoperatively patients are mostly satisfied with the results.

My persistent symptoms 31 May, 2013 - 12:14

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