Radiofrequency application to uvula

V shaped structure sagging from our palate is called “uvula”. 

In some people the only reason for snoring can be the elongation of this tissue. Its vibration can cause snoring. If patients have elongated uvula and if they are very mild snorers then radiofrequency application may stop snoring. 

There are many methods to shorten the uvula. The most functional and comfortable results are reached by radiofrequency. 

It causes controlled heat inside of the tissue without any damage to the outside. Heat causes necrosis and hardening of the uvula. It is mostly painless and can be performed under local anesthesia. Shortened and thickened uvula causes less vibration and less sound. It lasts approximately 15 minutes and patient can go to work just after the application. 

These informations are prepared for you to have a successful and comfortable operation. Whatever the informations present here, please ask any kind of questions bothering you to your doctor. 

Preparation for the application
You do not have to have an empty stomach. Avoid aspirin or like drugs at least one week before the application. After the application you will feel a swelling in your mouth, a little pain may occur. If pain is present please use prescribed pain killers. 

First weeks after the application:
Uvula will stay swollen after a couple of weeks. You will feel like a mass is sitting on your throat. 

Physical activity:You can return to your normal activity after 72 hours of the application. 

First month after the application:
After one month your uvula swelling will be better. Do not forget healing is a process not an event.

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