Blisters and aphtous lesions

Many people are bothering painful lesions in the mouth. Commonest ones are blisters and aphtous lesions. Causes are different therefore the treatments.
What is blister? 

Lesions full of liquid on the lips. Rarely they can be seen inside the mouth, on gingiva and on hard palate. Thay are painful, indeed pain starts 1-2 days before they are seen. They blow up and crust is seen on them. They get well in 7-10 days. 

What are the reasons?
They are caused by an activated virus called “herpes simplex”. Viruses are waiting at the nerves and when the immune system decreases like after stres, fever, accident, hormonal changes, exposure to sun they can reactivate. They tend to recur at the same place. 

Can they spread?
Yes, thay can spread to your own eye and genital area as well as other people. 

Prevention hints:
*Prevent contact to your eyes and skin with the lesion.
*Do not squeeze or try to take it out?
*Wash your hands if you touch the lesion. 

Despite of all these precautions viruses can spread. 

Cover the lesion with antiviral drugs. Like 5% acyclovir can be used for this aim. Many researchers are going on for cure. 

What is aphtous lesion?
They are shallow ulcers occur in the mucosa of tongue, buccal areas, lips, soft palate. They are quite painful and last 5-10 days. 

What are the reasons?
It is a cause of immune system defficiency because of stress, taruma, local irritants (tomato, some asidic foods...). There is no microbe found as an aetiology. 

Can aphtous lesions spread?
No, they neither spread nor pass to other people. 

Treatment is symptomatic and try to not superimpose infections on it. Local corticosteroids can be tried. Unfortunately real treatment is not found for the time being. 

What other ulcers can be?
If you have a lesion in your mouth lasts longer than 2 weeks then you should admit to a doctor.

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