Breathing difficulty after rhinoplasty

Even after best aesthetic results sometimes we see nasal breathing problems. Postoperative nasal obstruction is caused by 2 main factors. 

1-Problems that are present before the operation (deviation, choncae hypertrophy, polyps etc.) 

2-Narrowing of the roof of the nose because of operation. 10% of rhinoplasty cases have this problem. 

Overresection of nasal alae can result nasal valve problems. Nasal alae collapse while taking breath in. Allergy is another reason for nasal obstruction. 

Rhinits because of infection, allergy, vasomotor reasons, sinusitis, drugs can cause swelling of the mucosa and can cause obstruction. 

Cartilage and bone deviations, drop of the nasal tip and many surgical problems can cause obstruction of the nose. 

Treatment is surgical. Patient should admit to ENT physician. Mechanic obstructions are corrected by surgery. Nasal turbinates can be treated by radiofrequency applications. Nasal tip deformities can be corrected by revision rhinoplastic surgeries.

My persistent symptoms 31 May, 2013 - 12:14

I am writing to you from St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada). I have a sinus problem started in Nov 2008 upon working for more than a month in a gas plant. I did not have sinus problems prior to this date.

At that time, I may have been exposed to airborne asbestos and other irritants. In the place where I lived at that time, the Winter is so harsh. Temperature during Winter is normally at least 25 Cecilius below zero.

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