Middle ear ventilation tupe application

The ear is divided into three parts. Outer ear is between the auricle and the ear drum. Middle ear is between the ear drum and inner ear which is located in the bone. Ear infections can effect all the parts but they mostly effect the midlle ear.
Children and ear infections
Eustachian tube is a very tiny tube between middle ear and nasopharynx. It is a tube that middle ear can take air. In childen this tube is not fully developped, therefore upper respiratory infections can cause middle ear infections more easily. Sometimes adenoid tissue in children can block Eustachian tube.
Treatment of ear infections
Many ear infections are cured with antibiotics. However if fluid stays in the middle ear persistently or if the disease recurs frequently operation is needed.
Operation for middle ear infections
A little perforation is obtained at the ear drum. Middle ear fluid is aspirated and a small ventilation tube is inserted into the ear drum.
Preparation for operation
What to bring with us? Wear loose and comfortable clothes. For children you may bring a toy, drink he/she enjoys.
Leave your valuable belongings at home.
Bring your drugs if you take routinely.
Avoid aspirin and drugs containing aspirin or similar drugs that prevents clogging of blood at least one week before operation.
Arrange your transport. An adult should drive at least 24 hours after operation. For children one parent should take care of child so one more adult is needed for transport.
Operation day
Before operation: A summary of operation is explained to child to decrease his/her anxiety. 

Anesthesia: It is a branch of medicine that arranges patients to have operation without feeling any pain. Do not afraid of anesthesia. It is not fainting, rather controlled sleeping and waking up by the anesthesiologist. During the surgery the specialist will beside you checking your respiration, heart beats, blood tension and other vital signs. 

Necessary tests will be performed before surgery. Patient undergoing general anesthesia should have an empty stomach, therefore you should not eat or drink at least 6 hours before surgery. If stop smoking five days ago, you will be more comfortable after the operation. 

Anesthesia wil be according to your needs, heavy or light means nothing. 

Patients just after anesthesia are sleepy even they can answer your questions, do not worry.
After operation: Patient stays at the rooom after the operation until doctors decide to discharge.
First two weeks after the surgery
Pain: Pain is very rare. Just take adviced analgesic when you have pain. Do not use aspirin. 

Diet: An upset of stomach can be een after operation due to anesthesia, therefore eat light foods in the first 24 hours after the operation. 

Dizziness: Rarely dizziness can occur, in case of vertigo inform your doctor. 

Drainage Not uncommon and may be few blood in it, do not worry. 

Physical activity: Children turn to their daily activity quickly. 

Taking tubes out: Ventilation tubes come out between 6-18 months spontaneously. During that time Eustachian tube develops. Tubes need to be reinserted in 1/3 of patients according to statistics.
Taking care of tubes: Surface tension of the tubes’ holes are high therefore water cannot enter the middle ear passing through the tube while swimming and having a bath. But if child dives and swallows under the water then ears should be protected. Special ear plugs or cotton immersed with vaseline can be put in the external ear canal. 

Healing period: To get rid of the effect of operation takes 24 hours. Everyday passes you feel better. 

Do not forget, healing is a process not an event.

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