Swimmer’s Ear-External Ear Canal Infection

Ear Itching and Fungal Infection

What does “swimmer’s ear” mean?
It is a name given to the infection of the external ear canal. It is mostly caused by bacteria and sometimes by fungi

How do we protect ourselves?
Water entering to your ear brings bacteria and fungus. Mostly water comes back, ear dries and these microorganisms do not cause any harm. But sometimes water is blocked in the canal and softens the skin. Humiditiy makes bacteriae and fungi to cause infection.

In the beginning itching and obstruction is felt. External ear canal can swell and is blocked immediately. Pain becomes intense. At this time doctor should begin treatment.
If your ear drum is intact you can use ear drops including alcohol. Since alcohol makes ear canal more dry.

Prevention From “Swimmer’s Ear”
If you feel that water is blocked in your ear canal, you can put your ear drops to that ear.

If your ear problem seems to be repeating, please admit to your ear, nose, throat (ent) physician.


If yoru ear drum is perforated you should admit to your doctor before using any ear drops.

Why are ears itching?
Itchy ear is an annoying feeling. If it occurs suddenly, we suspect fungal infections; if it has a longer duration and periodic then we suspect allergic chronic dermatitis. Some eating habits, foods may trigger dermatitis. Your physician will advise you some ear medicines to prevent this condition.
Those people who have dermatititis are prone to swimmer’s ear, therefore we advise some precautions before summer time.

Flies and foreign substances?
There are numerous flies that can enter the ear canal and connot return back so prisonned here. By continuous moving these insects cause pain, noise and itching.
Small insects can come out by washing the ear easily. But for bigger ones you should put mineral oil to block the breathing holes of the insect and admit a doctor. To take out other foreign materials is a very delicate job, so please admit to ear doctor as soon as possible instead of trying to take them out by yourself.

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