Ear Tube

In the middle ear’s ventilation problems, we use the tubes called “middle ear’s ventilation tube”, “ventilation tube” or “gromed” in order to by-pass the anvil pipe in the frequent middle ear’s pyogenesis. We also wished to share the results of the recent research made as the society is confused very much:

*The ear tube is worn by 7 of every 100 children started to the kindergarten.

*Tube wearing
Decreases the staying period of middle ear’s liquid at 70 %
Decreases the middle ear’s infections at 70 %
Increases hearing
Mostly used once

*2 out of 3 children who wore tubes are recovered by wearing one tube. 1 out of 3 needs to wear one or more tubes after the tube was taken out.

*Half of total antibiotics given to the children who do not go to the school are given for ear infections.

*The antibiotics are not the most important reason of elimination of the middle ear’s infection. Most of them are recovered by themselves in a few days. The basic benefit of antibiotics is in order to prevent the complications.

*In a normal human being 100.000 billions of bacteria are placed in the mouth, nose, skin and digestive system. Not only the bacteria caused to the middle ear’s infection but also all these other bacterias are affected when your child took an antibiotic.

*The antibiotic given for the middle ear’s infection in the first 24 hours is not useful for the pain and fever and this period is the most painful period. The pain killers –such as the ones ibuprofen- decreases the pain. Giving antibiotic to your child immediately, does not mean that they would return to the school or kindergarten early.

*For the middle ear effusions (fluid in the middle ear), the antibiotics should not be used routinely. Even some researches show that the liquid cured more with the antibiotics, this difference is very little and the recovery takes only a few weeks.

*In recent years the pneumococus vaccinations are applied. It is seen that the children vaccinated have the middle ear infections 7 % less, need to tube decreases 20 %.

*Middle ear’s liquid causes serious balance disorder in some children, particularly if it is in one ear. Fallings causing injury are seen, the balance is immediately ensured when the tube is applied.

*The frequency of the problems seen after the tubes are applied
Infectious drainage 17 %
Tube’s blockage % 6.9
Granuloma not needing taking out of tube (nedbe tissue) % 4.2
Granuloma to cause taking out of tube % 1.8
Early falling of tube % 3.9

*The children who wore tube do not need to protect their ears from water, they could have a bath easily and go into the sea. In contrary, protecting from water increases the blockage of the tube’s mouths with the dry ear’s flow. The surface’s tension of tube hole prevents the water to pass into the middle ear.

*In general it is not required to use antibiyotics for the children who have ear tubes and their ears are draining, if there is not any other reason for usage of antibiotic. It is enough to follow it with common cold medicines.

*Flowing from ear after the tube was applied:
Drainage in any way when the tube is in its place 26.2 % 
Draining immediately after operation 16.0 % 
Draining repeated 7.4 %
Resistant drainage having a long run 3.8 %

*The antihistaminics and decongestants do not profit in treatment of middle ear’s liquid. Thus do not use these medicines having side effects in your children unnecessarily.

*Adenoid causes the middle ear’s pyogenesis by keeping microbe not blocking the Eustachian tube.

*Must also the “adenoids” be taken out while the tube is being applied? It is enough only to insert a tube as the frequent pyogenesis causing to the middle ear’s liquid in children younger than 36 months, of course if there is not any other reason of taking out of adenoid belonging to itself. It was showed that taking out of adenoid together with tube decreased the relapses in the children older than 36 months.

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