How Shall We Protect Ourselves Against Upper Respiratory Infections?

The changeable and cold weathers start, the upper respiratory tract shall also start. There are many opinions related to protection and recovery. The regions that we call the upper respiratory tract is the region starting from the nose and going until the vocal cords by covering the mouth and throat as a definition. We call the respiratory track’s infection to the microbial discomforts occurred in here in general.

There are three kinds of microbes cause disease in the respiratory tracks, known by us basically: Viruses, bacteria and funguses. We are face to face with these microbes at any moment, thus why do we sometimes get sick and do sometimes do not get sick? It should overcome the defense of the person where the microbe placed in order to form a disease. Therefore the microbe, our bodies and balance between them are determining the formation of disease. Let us give an example. If the microbe is very strong, it could form disease in a body whichever it enters. If the microbe is not very strong and also the person’s defense system is well either, that person eliminates it before the microbe produced and so the disease is not formed; if the person’s defense system is bad when he/she faced with the microbe, microbe could form disease even it is not very strong.

Therefore there are two ways in order to be protected against the diseases; not to face with the microbes and to keep our defense system strong.

The ways of not facing with microbes: It is not possible to live completely far from microbes, in fact it is not required, either. You should avoid from the airless environments including many people. The microbes soil through the way called driblet by us, in other words breathing the driblets left by a human sneezed in air and/or to contact the microbes soiled to our hands with our nose and mouth directly when we did not wash our hands cause the microbe enter into our bodies. He most important thing might be made by the person only depending on himself/herself in order to be protected against the microbes is not to touch to his/her mouth, nose, not to eat anything without washing his/her hands.

The ways of keeping our defense system strong: Shortly to take care of ourselves well. To pay attention to the sleeping and feeding arrangements. Avoiding from excessive stress as much as possible. Doing sports and certainly not to lose our life delight and excitement. The flu vaccinations might also be applied, only these vaccinations are being told and applied in the extremely overblown way. The flu vaccination is valid for only a kind of virus group called “influenza”. If it did not change its antigenic feature in the new year. In other words hundreds of other viruses and bacteria might cause infections. The number of persons whom have to be vaccinated is extremely limited. It is gratuitous to vaccinate everybody. The persons who have to be vaccinated: the ones whose defense systems are defective; the cancer patients, the ones who have to use cortisone, etc. And also the persons who will have many difficulties if it turns to pneumonia after the upper respiratory track should be vaccinated. It might also be required for the health employees facing with microbe continuously.

We do not consider it normal if the persons never gets sick, because it means that these persons protect themselves extremely. This case causes abstraction from society. Another interesting case is that the defense system also needs exercise. It might also cause allergy starting to struggle with the substances not harmful to the body in fact as it might become clumsy by time if it does not face with any microbe at all.

Let us also tell shortly about how we should be treated after such information. Firstly you should not go at the medicines in panic, everybody rather knows about how his/her body reacts to microbe. It is best one to wait for a few days and to rest with general relaxing medicines. The antibiotic should definitely be started under the physician’s control. Because taking antibiotic kills the protecting bacteria (normal flora) and causes the diseases be worse as it did not kill virus in virus based diseases. It is not also useful to take antibiotic early in the bacteria type, either. Because the rest of microbes starts to produce again when the antibiotic finished when the antibiotic was taken before the body knew the microbe completely and the disease is renewed immediately when the medicine ended.

There is a “beta microbe” through the questions faced by us frequently. The Beta microbe is the name of a bacteria’s type; if it is not treated in the children within one week, it might cause "rheumatic fever and joint diseases" in a little proportion of affected children. We pay attention to it as its result is important although there are only very few probabilities. It is not right and to perform bacteriologic test and culture of throat in panic to generalize it as in the flue vaccination. Anyway it is not required to culture the throat of a child who does not have sore throat and fever.

Wishing everybody spend a more healthy winter...

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I am writing to you from St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada). I have a sinus problem started in Nov 2008 upon working for more than a month in a gas plant. I did not have sinus problems prior to this date.

At that time, I may have been exposed to airborne asbestos and other irritants. In the place where I lived at that time, the Winter is so harsh. Temperature during Winter is normally at least 25 Cecilius below zero.

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