Operation in Sinusitis with Balloon Technique (Balloon Sinuplasty)

The sinuses are the spaces like caves, full of air, within our cranium around our noses. These spaces are opened into the nose through a thin channel. In medical language we call ”sinusitis” to the blockage of these channels and pyogenesis of sinuses. There are also various forms of sinusitis such as acute, subacute, chronic, frequently repeating. The treatment of each one changes according to its type and factor.

In sinusitis cases caused by the congestion of the sinus channel/ostium anatomically, a technique developed recently. In this technique the balloons -placed into the sinuses' mouths- are blown up and the sinuses' mouths are widened with minimal tisse damage. It took 4-5 years since this technique’s first usage and the sinuses had been stayed open at 95 % of patients. For the time being, maxillary (under cheek), frontal (forehead) and sphenoid (the hindmost of nose in cranium) sinuses could be opened by this technique. It could be used in addition to the classical endoscopic technique in patients who have ethmoidal sinusitis and polyps as well.

My persistent symptoms 31 May, 2013 - 12:14

I am writing to you from St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada). I have a sinus problem started in Nov 2008 upon working for more than a month in a gas plant. I did not have sinus problems prior to this date.

At that time, I may have been exposed to airborne asbestos and other irritants. In the place where I lived at that time, the Winter is so harsh. Temperature during Winter is normally at least 25 Cecilius below zero.

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