Nasal Bleeding

It is possible to separate the nasal bleedings to two as the bleedings from front and back parts of nose in general. The nose bleedings that are from the front part are mostly the vein fractures that are by result of shell on the end of nose, irritation, mixing and do not cause any problem as the bleeding amount. The nose should be cleaned with cold water, the clot should be blown if any when such a bleeding happened. Then the person should be sat down and the nose’s wings should be pressed forcefully and waited like this for 3-4 minutes. Putting any buffer, laying him/her down are wrong. If bleeding is often, it should be consulted by an ear, nose and throat expert. We suggest not to take the blood diluting medicines until arrived at the physician – if not obligatory -.

The bleedings that are from the nose’s back occur by opening of bigger veins and their amount is much, requires urgent interference immediately. The blood pressure should be under control and a physician should be consulted immediately. If not obligatory, the blood diluting medicines should be interrupted. It is suggested to spout the clots, to apply ice to the nose and face.

Also there are nosebleeds that might be after operations and in this case you should contact with the physician or institution made your operation immediately. Meanwhile it is suggested to spout the clots in nose, to apply ice to nose and face.

My persistent symptoms 31 May, 2013 - 12:14

I am writing to you from St. John's, Newfoundland (Canada). I have a sinus problem started in Nov 2008 upon working for more than a month in a gas plant. I did not have sinus problems prior to this date.

At that time, I may have been exposed to airborne asbestos and other irritants. In the place where I lived at that time, the Winter is so harsh. Temperature during Winter is normally at least 25 Cecilius below zero.

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